Disneyland Paris Online Career Day June 3, 2010

Through an online recruiting event for Property & Real Estate professionals, Disneyland Paris invites you to explore 23 years of development creating the 1st European hub.

Join us in this event to discover our Property & Real Estate job opportunities, to meet with our representatives and to experience a world of creation, construction, and business development thanks to Disney professionals as well as external keynote speakers such as:

Philippe Arfi, Business Development Manager at Goodman
FrancisBorezée, Vice President Resort and Real Estate Development at Disney
Christophe Giral, Real Estate Director at Disney
Jean-François Mounic, CEO at Goodman
Hélène Thuillier, Human Resources Manager in charge of Property & Real Estate professionals at Disney.

Please join at: www.careernomics.com/DISNEY1006
Event flyer: www.careernomics.com/disney1006/assets/docs/Flyer_can1006.pdf
We look forward to your active participation.


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